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High performers in all endeavors or occupations have something in common - they have teachers, mentors, and/or coaches to challenge and support them while exploring the paths to exceptional performance.  

Sports teams and individual athletes invest in coaches to hone their skills, turn up the heat, help them dig deeper and achieve more. 

Business professionals can use these same resources to enhance their performance and success.  

Why Expat Coaching

  • 20% of assignees leave their assignments early
  • 25% of repatriated assignees quit once they return home

Some assignments succeed, some fail, some only just survive

A professional executive coach with expat experience will help you enhance your career as a leader and expatriate

Our coach will act as your personal sounding board

Our coach provides exclusive, private coaching and customized support for expat leaders

As a sounding board, our coach will be someone who listens, and can offer insights to assist you in overcoming challenges may you face

Our coach will explore options with you that may transform your assignment into an more exciting, more rewarding adventure that can accelerate your career and your value

Because expat assignees are not standard we personalize unique solutions to exactly meet the needs of each  individual

This is your life, your career, and your challenges


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Coaching for Expatriate Leaders