• Mentor
  • Coach
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Discuss ideas
  • Plan for re-entry now
  • Create focus
  • Learn to fit in
  • Get the most out of your assignment
  • Address concerns
  • Commit to succeed
  • Not become marginalized
  • Ensure that the goal of assignment is a success

I personalize a unique solution to exactly meet the needs of each individual assignee. This is your life, your career, and your challenges

  • I provide exclusive and private mentoring, coaching and customized support for expat leaders 
  • My services are totally confidential; no reports or feedback is ever given to anyone except the assignee


On Line Support

Help, advise, coaching is available remotely, on-line, or by teleconference.  Remote support allows the assignee to have access to coaching even when they have rejoined their home office or have taken another global assignment.

Coaching is just a few key strokes away

Need some quick input but can't meet face to face? Want to chat, text, or email?  Coaching can be available wherever you are and in most cases when it is most convenient to your schedule.

Personalized Attention

Be comfortable

Face to face meetings can be arranged at your convenient.  Meet in the assignee's office, or outside over coffee, or a meal.

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Coaching for Expatriate Leaders