Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be helping the client organization realize ROI on expats

Yes – Although the ROI for expat assignments is currently a vague concept for global mobility,  some companies use global mobility and assignments as an inducement/attraction for hiring and employee satisfaction.

Can coaching reduce attrition or some other measure

Yes, and reduce failed assignments, complaints, promotions, assignment extensions, in addition to attrition.

Can Human Resources or Global Mobility provide this service?

Sometimes, but it is not as effective.  Coaching can rarely be done effectively from within the organization because HR/GM have control over some of the aspects of the assignees future thus creating an obvious conflict of interest.   Also, a sense of privacy and trust is key to allowing the candor required for individual exploration of very personal concepts.

Do companies currently offer this type of support?

Although companies report their assignees struggle at some time during their assignments, surprisingly coaching and mentoring are not available in 75 – 80% of firms.

Can I try before I buy?

ExpatLeader offers a free introductory interview, you have the chance to determine if this program is right for you before committing.

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